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Advantages of obtaining a green card

Anyone who has obtained a US green card, after 5 years of residence in it, can apply for US citizenship.

Whoever holds a green card, there is no difference between him and the citizens of the state of America, the same rights and duties.

It also grants him the right to reside permanently in America, as well as to work freely and legally.

It also gives the immigrant the right to enroll the children, who obtained a green card, in American schools.

He has the right to join any job in America, even if he does not hold a US passport, in case the employer does not ask for it.

The right to move to live in a community or country in the other developed world, if the citizen so desires.

Unlimited stay in America.

You can get an unlimited work permit on US soil.


lottery questions

What is the cost of entering the lottery?

There is no entry fee into the lottery and there are no free registration fees.

What does a Diversity Visa give me? Will the US government help me find a job?

If you get a Diversity Visa (DV), you can live and work in the United States. The US Government will not be responsible for paying for your airfare, finding a place to stay or finding a job for you. You must demonstrate that you will no longer be dependent on the US government for your living expenses. You do not have to prove that you have a set amount of money. The consular officer will consider your overall circumstances during the visa interview.

Why is my country not eligible for this year's Diversity Visa Lottery Program?

Countries from which more than 50,000 immigrants have come to the United States in the past five years are not eligible for the Diversity Visa Lottery Program. Although ineligible states do not remain permanently ineligible, we cannot predict when they will become eligible again.

If I enroll in the Diversity Visa Lottery Program as the main applicant, can my spouse submit a separate application as the main applicant? Could this make our applications ineligible to participate?

Both the husband and the wife can submit an application if each of them fulfills the eligibility requirements. If either one of them is selected, the other can submit an application as its own. Be sure to include your wife (or husband) and children in your application. If each of the spouses submits their request, each of them must include the name of the other and the names of all the children. If the request does not include this, it may result in rejection.

Can I use the same image I used in my application last year?

no. Using the same image causes all rejection. The photo used in the application should not be more than 6 months old.